USB Data Recovery Application

Have you lost valuable files from USB drive while transferring them to system by connecting your USB drive to it? Are you searching for a solution to restore them? Do you need all those data back without missing any file? Then no need to worry; just keep on reading article you will come to know how to restore lost data.

Normally, users lose most of their valuable data due to their mistakes such as suddenly ejecting connected USB drive while transferring data or abruptly shutting PC down which results in loss of files which are being in transferring mode. However, whenever these kind of data loss scenarios occurs data will not get loss permanently since only its reference pointer i.e. access pointer is removed from table entry and freed that allocated space to store other data in those memory places. Hence, by making use of any efficient data recovery software like Remo Recover application you can restore all lost data from USB drive. This application recovers all deleted or lost data from various kinds of USB drive with great ease. However, it is user friendly application thus makes all users access the application freely and to perform successful data recovery from USB drive.

Suggestion: In order to carry out successful data recovery from USB drive i mean recovering all lost data back then you have to stop using that drive unless performing data recovery process if you wish to restore data. Because storing other data on USB drive or using it transfer data may leads to loss of data permanently from USB drive.

How Remo Recover application does recovers lost data from USB drive?

Initially, this application scans your USB drive in deep and locates all data whose address pointer is removed from table i.e. data which is not able access from users and even scans sensitive data from USB drive and displays on screen. Now you have to choose file type which you wish to restore or you can choose all file type to recover. Later, application starts recovery process and this will take few minutes to complete. You guys wait until this process completes. Finally, you can preview all restore lost data from USB drive in File Type View and Data View format.

Remo Recover supports various data loss scenarios, they are

  • Recovers data from inaccessible USB drive
  • Restores data from USB drive which is lost due to virus and malware attacks
  • Recovers data from formatted USB drive
  • Regains accidentally deleted data from USB drive
  • Recovers data from password protected USB drive

Why only Remo Recover application?

  • Performs safe, secure and quick data recovery from various storage devices
  • Supports both Windows and Mac Operating system
  • Offers demo version to test its capability of restoring files
  • Provides free tech support via email and live chat services

Tips to follow:

  • Do not store data in USB drive for longer duration
  • Practice best usage of USB drives
  • Utilize antivirus application to scan USB drives regularly
  • Do not connect USB drives to infected systems
  • Backup data in other external storage devices

Most Coveted Software to Recover Lost Music from Apple iPod

During transfer of music files from iPod to computer, I abruptly removed the data cable. Are my files safe and sound?

Well, the act which is done has been clearly performed out of negligence and carelessness. The files in such a case are never safe and in fact are lost from iPod. Once I had gone through same situation. I wanted to transfer music files from iPod to Mac computer, there were hundreds of files in transit and I was impatient to wait for the transfer process because I had other tasks to be completed. So, I pulled out the cable connecting the two devices, eventually losing some of the music files.

Measures that I should have taken:

First of all I should have waited and followed the proper ejection procedure to remove Apple iPod from the computer. Moreover instead of losing files by abrupt removal of connection cable, if I had lost the file due to sudden shutdown of the computer due to power loss during the transfer process. Then I should have opted for UPS in my computer which provides those extra few minutes to complete any incomplete process like transfer process and thus avoids file loss.

Software for the needy:

If you have also undergone through such a situation leading to heavy loss of favorite music files, then it is time to rely on software like Remo Recover that works efficiently to recover files. This software is famous among the internet geeks and hardly requires any susceptive inspection of its working.

Most likable features:

Remo Recover software which can recover not only music files but also video, photo files in a very convenient manner. All formats of music files are supported by this software namely MP3, AAC, MP4, MIDI etc. Remo Recover is reliable software in terms of the content of recovery of the music files, user will always get same music file without any change in the music quality after using this software. The most famous feature of this software is the save recovery session, which just allows the user to pause the recovery session for a while and then again resume the recovery session after some time. This software is compatible with most of the products developed by Apple like iPhone, iPad, etc.

Simple steps to recover music files:

  • Download and install the recovery software taking hardly few minutes of duration.
  • Make proper connection between the computer and iPod and then launch the software.
  • Select the drive from where the music got lost. Choose “Recover Lost Photos” option to recover the lost music files and ignore other option i.e. “Recover Deleted Photos”.
  • Recovery process will start and may take few minutes.
  • Pause and play the recovery process if required using “Save Recovery Session”.
  • Music will be recovered and can be enjoyed again.

Recover Lost MP4 files from iPod Shuffle

I am very fond of listening to video music always. Hence, I bought an iPod Shuffle before 3 months back due its advanced features. I had a huge collection of my favorite video music files i.e. MP4 in that iPod shuffle. But, now those MP4 files are erased from its music library. I felt very bad to lose them. Please could anyone know any solution to restore them back? If yes then explain me in detail.

Do not worry; your MP4 files are not erased completely from your iPod instead they are hidden in iPod memory by making room for storing other files. But their entry made in table are deleted hence you are not able to see them. In such situation, by employing any professional MP4 file recovery tool like Remo Recover which makes easy for you to restore them all without losing any files. In addition, this application allows you to preview all recoverable files before performing actual MP4 file recovery from your iPod Shuffle device.

Various reasons behind loss of files from iPod shuffle

iPod shuffle reset utility: Most of users opt for reset utility when their iPod performance is low. But if users forget to backup data stored in it before opting for iPod reset then this process completely erases all data stored on it.

Firmware corrupt error:  Suppose if you carry out firmware updation inappropriately then data stored on it may lose. In addition, firmware also gets corrupt due to various reasons such as inappropriate usage of device, virus attacks, etc. Once this firmware gets corrupt then you are unable to access the device properly.

In appropriately ejecting device: Suppose most users connect their device to Mac system, in order to perform actions such as firmware updation, files transferring, cleaning virus, etc. Suppose while transferring files from system to device if you eject the device from system inappropriately i.e. without using safety remove option then list of files, which are being in transferring mode, may lose.

Accidental deletion:  Usually, most of the time user loses their data due to performing deletion operation accidentally. For example, suppose user is wishing to delete unwanted files from iPod but while deleting them may choose other file to delete and finally end up with file loss situation.

Above listed scenarios may results in loss of MP4 files from iPod Shuffle. If you are also one who have lost your beloved MP4 files due to any reasons then do not worry, just employ Remo Recover application, which can restore all lost or deleted files from iPod Shuffle in matter of seconds. This application also recovers files from various types of iPod devices such as iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod Classic, etc.

Advice: Suppose if have lost any files from iPod device which might be any type or if your device is inaccessible then do not attempt to access device incase if you are interested to restore files stored on it.

More about Remo Recover application

  • Performs file recovery on both Windows and Mac systems
  • Recovers music, videos from iPod device
  • Provides demo version to test the application efficiency of recovering files
  • Technical support is provided via email and live chat services

Precautionary steps

  • Always use Save Remove option while ejecting device from system
  • Scan regularly with updated antivirus application
  • Do not do any other actions without having proper knowledge of iPod device
  • Backup most favorite files in any other external storage device
  • Do not share infected data
  • Practice best usage of device

How to Protect Word File with Password?

What are Word files?

How to protect Word file with password?

Which is the best application to protect Word file with password?

Is it better to use a separate stand alone application for Word file password protection or any inbuilt Word option to protect Word files?

Word files are files that help the user to write, design and share information among the users. There are many Word processor applications are available in the internet to create them. Though there are many Word processor application are available out there in the internet only a very few Word processors gained the popularity of the users. In that Microsoft Corporation’s Word processer is quiet popular and highly popular among the users for a wide range of purposes. However, the safety facility is not so good in Word files because there is no proper mechanism to protect word file with password in Ms Word. Though there some inbuilt options to protect and safe guard the Word files it works only up to certain extent. So the best option is usage of third party software to protect Word files

How to protect Word files with password?

There must be a question rising in your mind asking that if the word files need to be password protected then which is the right way to do so. Using software to protect Word files is not the big thing choosing the right software to protect the Word files is the problems because lot of software are there in the internet that provides these kind of facilities. The chosen Word file protection software must be highly capable to withhold the information stored in the Word files and also it should support all kinds of Word file formats. One such application is Remo MORE. This application has lot of magical wands and stuffs inside to safe guard the information inside the Word files. There are several reasons to choose Remo MORE as the sustaining software to protect Word files. Here are some samples.

Why Remo MORE for Word file password protection?

  • Its powerful encryption and decryption algorithm can even withhold complicated Word files more than 100 pages without any corruption
  • The master password mechanism provides a layered type security mechanism for the Word files
  • The user can view, edit and perform all the possible file operation in password protected Word file from both in and out of the vault directly
  • Can be installed easily and highly sophisticated one to use
  • The user can remove the Word files from the vault at any time

How to use Remo MORE to protect Word files using password?

  • The software can be easily downloaded from the official site or from their affiliate websites
  • After successful installation of software in the main screen choose the manage option
  • In that go to File manager >> File Protector
  • Choose the “File / Folder locker” option and add the Word files that need to be password protected
  • Set the master password for the Word file
  • Click lock option to complete the password protection process

Now the Word file icon will be changed to a vault icon

Best Office 2013 Lost File Recovery Tool

Recently, I updated my MS Office application from 2010 to 2013 since it has been released with updated features. After updating it, I have created some documents and stored on my system hard disk, which are related to business work.  After few days, I started my PC to modify those documents but documents were missing and searched the drive thoroughly, still I did not get them. Later, I started to search them using search option, but still did not get them. Please anyone help me out to retrieve documents.

How did documents miss from hard drive? How is it possible? Yes there are some reasons let you lose them. For example, if you have share infected data from other source and stored on drive where you have stored documents. If those virus threats stayed for longer duration then will affect files stored in that drive also. After being affected severely by virus threats, then documents might hide from hard drive. In such situation, you cannot see them and retrieving is not possible. So, is it possible to retrieve them? Off course you can with the assistance of third party data recovery tool like Remo Recover application which deeply scans your hard drive and detects all lost files and finally restore them in a couple of minutes.

Let us know other various reasons behind loss of office files

  • Formatting Drive: Formatting a process of removing all files and folders stored in drive and which frees memory space to store other files. In addition, by formatting you can also change existing file system. Suppose if you also formatted drive, which is consists of documents then it will results in loss of files.
  • Bad sectors:  Huge formation of hard disk bad sectors will also results in loss of files since user unable access files that are present on bad sectors.
  • Accidental deletion: while you removing unwanted files from drive if you choose essential files in hurray then it will results in loss office files.
  • File system error: Suppose a drive file system is corrupted or damaged due to virus attacks then that drive become inaccessible which resulting  in loss of files.

Above-mentioned reasons may results in loss of your valuable files from hard drive. In such situation, employing Remo Recover application can easily restores them in an effective way. In addition, it restores lost office files, which are created using various versions of office suite such as MS office 2000, 2003, 2010 and 2007.

Additional Advantages: This application also restores office files from various device storage devices such as USB, memory card, iPod, iPad, external hard disk. Also performs file recovery on both Windows and Mac Operating system. Apart from office file, this application also recovers PPT, PPTX, PST, XLST, etc.

More about Remo Recover application

  • Performs safe and secure recovery process
  • Keep your files intact even after performing recovery process
  • Offers option to restore only specific file types
  • Simple user interface which makes simple for all users to navigate the application easily
  • Offers technical support to assist users to perform successful recovery process
  • Offers demo version to test efficiency of application in restoring files


  • Save all works before exit from MS application
  • Scan your device successfully with updated antivirus application
  • Do not store files in USB devices for longer duration
  • Backup valuable files

Perfect Application to backup all Contacts on Sony Xperia

Sony’s Xperia is up and has come up with the very best devices on the market. It’s fast, smooth and the finest 5-inch displays all would add up to its popularity. These Sony Xperia phones are powered with Google’s Android 4.1.2 OS i.e. Android Jelly Bean. In the recent days, it even released series of Sony Xperia models such as Xperia S, Xperia P, Xperia U, Xperia Ion, Xperia Z and lot more still to come.

Due to its eye-catching features, more and more people are attracted towards Sony Xperia. However, if you do run into issues like freezing and need to restore your device then what will you do? Restoring will erase all your data! What about the contacts stored on your Sony Xperia, you will lose them all!!  There arises the need for having a working backup of your contacts.

Yes, it is possible to backup all your contacts on your Sony Xperia and save it safely on any device, which can be used to restore the contacts back in cases of contacts deletion or loss. But, how to backup Sony Xperia contacts? Can it be done manually? Yes it can be done by typing each name and the contact details separately. It’s a tedious and risky process. So what can be done now?

Best way of backing up the contacts

Don’t worry!! Remo MORE will help you out! With the help of this tool you can easily backup all your contacts on Sony Xperia phones for free. The software is specifically designed for this purpose. Moreover, it is a freeware; hence you can save your contacts from being lost with the help of this tool.

  • Easily backs up all the contacts on your Sony Xperia
  • Provides instant backup solution to back up all the contacts from time to time automatically whenever a contact is added in the list
  • Integrated with a powerful in-built scheduler, that helps you to schedule new contacts backup as per the scheduled time on daily or weekly basis
  • Enables you to backs up your Gmail and the phone numbers on any external storage device like flash memory cards or computer hard drive
  • With just few easy steps you can back up all your contacts
  • It is incorporated with a user-friendly UI that can provides complete details of the steps involved in the entire backup process
  • In addition to contacts, you can also utilize this app to backup even the calendar items, messages and apps
  • Compatible on all version of Android OS including Gingerbread, Jelly Bean, Honeycomb, Kit Kat, etc.

Remo MORE is a versatile tool that helps you to back up your entire contacts not only on Sony Xperia smartphones, but can be successfully used on other brands including Samsung Galaxy, Galaxy Grand, and its series, LG, Motorola Droid X, HTC, Dell, Micromax, Karbon and many more.

Steps to back up your contacts on Sony Xperia

  • First download the Remo MORE software on your Sony Xperia Android smartphones
  • Then install it and launch the tool, from the main screen just select “Recover” options
  • In the consecutive screen just tap “Backup” option
  • Now, you will receive a list of items to be backed up like contacts, messaging, apps, calendar etc. among them select “Contacts” option
  • Then a contacts backup file will be created, just give a name to your backup file and hit “OK”
  • Now the app starts creating the backup just wait until it is done
  • After completion your entire contacts will be backed up completely

Splendid Software to Recover Lost Data from Laptop

Laptop came into practice when man felt the requirement to have computers which are compact, portable, and can even work on batteries. The hardware components of computer were made smaller in size and the battery was integrated into it, this resulted in a device called laptop. I have been using laptop for a long time and I have stopped using desktop computer for a while. I have transferred all the important data from desktop to the laptop.

The transferred data in laptop got lost in one unfortunate day. This happened due to the incident involving internet usage. Soon after downloading word files from an internet site, I lost all the transferred files in the laptop. The most probable reason behind this mishap was due to the downloading of file from untrustworthy internet site. So, those important data in the computer also got infected and eventually got lost. If user loses files from the laptop, then no need to worry because recovery of data is possible by using excellent recovery software like Remo Recover.

It is software recommended by recovery experts and comes in the class of top recovery software. In fact the recovery of lost data from laptop is perfect and error free. Some of the top reasons which cause loss of data from laptop are given below.

Abrupt removal: If the user has connected external hard drive to the laptop and wants to send data from the laptop to external hard drive, then proper care should be taken because if during the transfer process if the user abruptly removes the connection cable, then the data in transit will get lost from the laptop.

Power loss: Every laptop manufactured has a limit up to which battery gives power to it. If used after that limit the battery will dry out. So, if user keeps the laptop to work in battery mode, then after a certain time it will turn off resulting in loss of those files which remained unsaved.

Incomplete download: Suppose the user is using internet in order to download files and his data pack is at the verge of ending due to data balance. At that instant if the user tries to download file and happens to download incomplete file. Then, that file may get lost from the computer.

Using good working software like Remo Recover which retrieves lost data from all possible data loss situations becomes vital, if lost data is of high importance.

Remo Recover is very efficient software in recovering lost file from various types of laptop. This software can recover the lost data from laptops as well as computers, hard drives, pen drives, memory card etc. with ease. Using this software user will not feel much difficulty in recovering the lost data from the laptop because of creative graphical user interface guiding the user step by step to recover the lost data from the laptop. User can even save the recovered data in any of the folder in the laptop. Remo Recover is compatible with all the versions of Windows as well as Mac OS.

Precautionary measures can be crucial if the user want to avoid the loss of data from the laptop. Some of the precautionary measures are as follows. Use trusted antivirus software that will remove virus from the laptop with ease during its periodic scanning of virus. Always try to keep the backup of important files in external memory devices like memory card, pen drive so that in times of data loss user can seek the above mentioned memory devices to get back the data.

Efficient Software to Recover Deleted HTML Files

Nowadays, internet has become the integral part of everyone’s life. Literally, no one can survive without internet. In internet, HTML or Hyper Markup Language plays a very important role. If we blindly go with the abbreviation, we can understand that it’s a markup language made to encode what we read in internet. HTML is basically used in all the spheres of internet usage. It can be treated as building blocks of internet files.

Suppose a user is viewing an internet page and then decides to save it in the browser itself. But later the same file gets deleted, in such a situation , no need to worry because whenever a HTML file is deleted, then only the space associated with that file is remains invisible and the original file still resides inside the  hard disk. It can be recovered by the advent of some good recovery software.

Good recovery software as we know is hard to get, so by reading this simple article you will be able to know about good recovery software like Remo Recover. It is well appreciated software in terms of recovering the deleted HTML files. Some of the key reasons which results in deletion of files are mentioned below.

Antivirus usage: Internet these days are an easy passage for virus. It’s like virus taking ferry ride to different computers on internet. Antivirus is used to remove the virus but during the periodic scan, all the HTML files can get deleted during the scanning for virus in the computer.

Emptying Recycle Bin: Sometimes the user may be having HTML files inside the Recycle Bin and the user may want to empty the Recycle Bin ignoring the fact that hyper text markup language files which were important to the user were still in the Recycle Bin. In such an occasion the file will be deleted and no longer will be available to the user.

Accidental deletion: Usually most of the files downloaded from internet get stored in a predefined folder. If the user has previously downloaded html files from the internet and then deleted the entire folder. Then, the user will have to repent if the html files which got deleted were important for future use.

If you have fallen to any of the above mentioned problems, then don’t get worried because recovery is possible using good software like Remo Recover.

Remo Recover is doing good job by recovering the deleted HTML files in a perfect manner. It is programmed precisely in standardized conditions to serve the needs of the user in short duration of time. It provides enchanting visuals; this is mainly due to the graphical user interface used in this software developed by smart software designers. Apart from HTML files, files of different formats can be recovered by utilizing this software. One unique feature of this software is the save recovery session, which allows the user to make a pause for the recovery session and then resume it at any other time as desired by the user. It is well compatible with 32 bit and 64 bit PC.

To avoid files getting deleted, some of the precautionary measures are. Make sure that the backup of HTML files in external memory like hard drive,mmc card etc is maintained securely. Moreover in this times of technological advancement files can be backed using cloud storage. In cloud storage the files can be stored in internet and then it can be taken back at any time by making a download of it even if the file size is very large.

Preeminent Software to Find Deleted Files

My brother recently bought new computer for me. I first of all got excited with the new computer and quickly transferred all of my files from older computer to newer one. But, later on found that the newer computer was limited in memory. So, I started deleting the unwanted files using Shift+ Delete key, but by mistake happen to delete those files important to me. This act was critical because it deleted all of my important files kept of seminars and presentations. First of all I got worried, but later on consulted the problem with my brother. He told that files which get deleted are easily recoverable by using famous recovery software called Remo Recover.

Remo Recover is very much apt for recovering the deleted files in complete form without any error. This software is highly appreciated by its users and its review is very much positive. Developed in special conditions, this software is a pure mark of quality. Some of the reasons for deletion are mentioned below.

Using Shift+ Delete: Shift+ Delete command is very convenient to use, but it can be dangerous. Because, the user may by mistake choose files for deletion which are in actual important to the user. This can hurt the user.

Third party utility: Untrustworthy third party utilities, sometimes may delete the files from the computer without any proper notification to the user.

Improper ejection of external drives: A user may have connected pen drive and opened file to view it. But, may have failed to follow the proper procedure to eject the pen drive from the computer . Such an act can delete files from the pen drive.

Emptied Recycle Bin: Sometimes user may want to save some disk space so the user may empty the recycle bin forgetting the fact that, the files which he had emptied from the recycle bin were important to the user.

If the user ever has experience file deletion due to the reasons mentioned above or have faced any other reason, then Remo Recover is the software which comes at rescue.

Remo Recover software is high in demand and recovers deleted data in a perfect manner. If the user wants to recover a particular deleted file, then that particular file can be searched for using this software. The recovered file can always be stored in location which is desired by the user. There is also an option to sort out the recovered files according to the name, file size, format etc. as desired by the user. This software can be used to recover the lost files from all the popular brands of computer, laptop, memory card, hard drive, pen drive etc with ease. Deleted files can be recovered from different hard different hard drive types like SATA, SCSI etc. This software is well compatible with all the versions of Windows as well as Mac operating system.

Following methods will definitely help the user in avoiding deletion of files. Always maintain backup of files which you feel are important to you. Ensure that that the fire wall setting is ON in your computer; this will block the sites in internet which appears to be skeptic in terms of virus attack. Even if the user fails to follow the above mentioned measures, then Remo Recover will always be there for the user to rescue deleted files.

Incredible Software to Recover Lost XLS Files

Since the civilization of human beings, offices came out in picture. Earlier physical files were the basis for managing the office details and with the inception of computers this office work became lot more easy. But in this transition of easiness in office work we should not forget the application which does it all, well we are talking about Microsoft Excel. The earlier versions of this application used to store files in .xls format. Suppose the user had old computer in which he used to manage table contents in .xls format and the table contents actually happen to contain some research work. And if this highly important data gets deleted because of mistake, then it will not at all be tolerable by the user. To recover the lost files user should use recovery software.

Good recovery software is not that easy to find which can serve the need of the user. The user may get confused in this regard to choose the right software but the user need not do that because he/she is going through the right software which will guide him/her in choosing the apt software known as Remo Recover software. This software is outstanding in terms of recovering lost .xls files error free and in an efficient manner. There are many ways by which .xls files can get lost. Some of the scenarios for .xls file getting lost are:

Third party usage: Third party usage can enhance a systems performance and can be used for many other positive aspects. But, the usage of these applications also has some hindering effects. While using a third party tool it can possibly happen that the .xls file gets lost. If the .xls file contains information of crucial importance to the user, then the user may get annoyed and start searching for recovery software.

Unsuccessful syncronization: Synchronization of operating system, applications and software is made to change the way it is to a newer version. Similarly for Excel files the known format was .xls but now it is changed to .xms format. So a user may try to synchronize .xls file to .xms file. But it can happen that the process was not successful, in such a situation .xls files can get lost.

Accidental deletion: Sometimes user may be using many applications at the same time. So, while using the other applications along with Excel, it can possibly happen that the user unintentionally chooses .xls file for editing and then deletes it. If the file is of at most importance to the user, then the user may go depressed in such a situation.

Virus attack: Since the introduction of computers, virus has also evolved along with different generations of computers causing erroneous problems to the user. Virus as we know can enter the system by downloading files from un trusted sites in internet. Virus can severely damage the files used in any application in the internet. .xls files used in Excel is not a special case not to get infected with virus.

If the user goes through any of the above mentioned scenarios of .xls file loss. Then without making a second thought, he/she can always follow trusted software like Remo Recover.

Remo Recover is software which is up to its mark in terms of recovering .xls files from any system. This simply perfect software is capable of recovering .xls files even if it contains images, hyperlinks, graphs etc. It is well compatible with all the versions of Microsoft Excel be it older versions or newer ones like Excel 2003, 2007 and 2010. Using this software the user usually doesn’t face any problem with respect to the visuals; this is because of the easy graphical user interface developed for this software. It can be used to recover .xls files from computers, hard drives, pen drives etc. This software is supported by all the versions of Windows operating system