Pen drive is small flash memory storage device which are used for storing/ retrieving data. They act as a plug and play device for sharing data with computers. Pen drives are also known as flash drive, thumb drive, key drive, USB drive, USB stick, etc. Pen drives can store various kinds of files like documents,… Read Article →

MicroSD cards are smaller flash storage devices but massively expand an electronic device’s storage capacity. This helps anyone who wants to store digital device full of pictures, songs, movies, games, audio and video clips. The storage capacity of micro SD card ranges from 256MB to 128 GB. They are specifically designed for smart phones including… Read Article →

USB stick is a small flash storage device that can be plugged into computer. USB sticks are available various storage capacities ranging from Mega bytes to Giga bytes. They are known for their easy to use feature because they are small enough to be carried anywhere for sharing data. These flash devices are more durable… Read Article →

Windows is one of the well equipped operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation to satisfy the requirements of common computer users. Due to the extensive support given by its users, Microsoft started to release various versions of Windows operating system according to developing technologies. Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 are Windows Server’s Operating… Read Article →

“I have lost some of my important files from my USB flash drive. I don’t know if they can be recovered. Are they permanently lost? Is there a way to get back my lost files?” Yes, you can recover your lost files. Although flash drives are reliable and have many advantages like portability, durability, etc,… Read Article →

Introduction: Nowadays Microsoft Office is widely used office suite for desktop application developed by Microsoft. Using this application user can easily accomplish their task without any difficulties. It is very easy to use thus both professionals and non-professional users can use it with great ease. MS Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Today… Read Article →

Nowadays, most of the individuals will not find time for themselves to just get relaxed due to their busy schedule. So, most of them prefer listening their favorite music whenever they get some free time.  For such individuals, iPod is one of the best multimedia devices for storing their favorite music files. As said above,… Read Article →

“I maintain four volumes on my Mac system for storing different files on each due to which data can be accessed easily. Recently, while adding some of the new video files to one of the volume, there was no free space. So taught to delete some of the old video files and did using delete… Read Article →

Overview of SSD: A Solid State Drive is also commonly known as SSD drive. It is a data storage device which uses solid state memory to save data like documents, videos, images, excel sheets and many more.  Unlike hard drive it has memory chips instead of rotating disks. SSD drives inherits many features similar to… Read Article →

Nowadays, electronic devices like personal computer, laptop etc. are being used extensively in most of the fields for different operations. Usually, users of these devices utilize keyboard for deleting files as it takes less time. In such cases, if files are deleted using delete key then it will be directed to Recycle Bin. The advantage… Read Article →

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