Shift Deleted Files Recovery

Nowadays, electronic devices like personal computer, laptop etc. are being used extensively in most of the fields for different operations. Usually, users of these devices utilize keyboard for deleting files as it takes less time. In such cases, if files are deleted using delete key then it will be directed to Recycle Bin. The advantage here is, when you feel that you have deleted vital files along with unwanted one you can restore back. But, if you use shift + delete combinational keys for deleting files from your system, then they will bypass Recycle Bin which cannot be recovered manually.

It has turned out to be one of the common reasons for permanent deletion of files from your system. In order to be in safer side, it is advised to maintain backup of vital files in any other storage device or drive. But, many of them will ignore or just forget to have another copy of important files due to their busy schedule or work pressure. If so, don’t worry!!! With the help of reliable recovery tool called Remo Recover you can recover shift deleted files in few simple mouse clicks….

Most of them after deleting files accidentally/intentionally using shift + delete keys, will assume that they cannot retrieve the files back. This is because, files deleted using shift + delete keys will bypass the Recycle Bin. However, as discussed above using Remo Recover you can perform recovery of shift deleted files in few simple steps.

When files are deleted using shift + delete keys, only pointer of that file get deleted but data remains in memory space of your system but cannot be identified. In such cases, ideal recovery tool should be utilized for recovering such type of deleted files. But, the space occupied by this deleted files should not be overwritten by new data. That is avoid using the drive from where you have deleted files using shift + delete keys until recovery process is performed.

Why Remo Recover?

Remo Recover is one of the reliable, secured, safe recovery tool which is capable of recovering deleted files from both Windows and Mac operating system. This is software is non damaging read only tool which will not modify the original content during scanning process instead uses separate files for storing extracted data. Hence, originality of content is maintained. It is designed with simple to understand GUI interface that explicitly explains each step in simple words that makes installation process easy. Recovers deleted data from external hard drives like USB drives, Flash memory cards and so on. With the help of an option called Preview, you can view the recovered files in advance before storing them on your system. To know in detail about this product, demo version can be downloaded prior purchasing the paid version.

Other reasons responsible for deletion of files

  • Accidental Deletion – This is another major reason for deletion of files from your system. This takes place while deleting unwanted or old files, you might unintentionally delete important file along with them
  • Files deleted from Command Prompt – We can delete files from a system using keyboard, mouse, command prompt etc. But, files that are deleted using command prompt will bypass Recycle Bin that results in permanent deletion
  • Improper data transfer process – While sharing files from one system to another using external storage device or vice versa, you might accidentally click on delete option instead of send to or copy option which leads to deletion
  • Malware Infections – Viruses can get into file available on your system via internet, unsecured data, infected devices used for transferring files etc. These infections will replicate themselves and can modify or delete the data

Likewise, we come across many unpredicted scenarios like sudden power failure, file system corruption, hard drive crash, abrupt system termination etc. responsible for deletion of files. As discussed above, Remo Recover is one of the professional software for restoring deleted files irrespective of the scenario.

Useful tips to remember

  • Maintain a copy of vital files in any backup devices
  • Before deleting files, check twice properly
  • Do not use your devices immediately after deletion to avoid overwriting
  • Utilize updated antivirus software to keep your system away from harmful viruses

Lost MDB Files Recovery

“I maintain a separate database i.e. Microsoft Access to maintain all my work related tasks for which I spend hours together. Unfortunately, couple of days back when I was working on it to update my current status, there was an abrupt system termination due to power loss. After sometime, when I turned on my system to access those files was shocked to know that MDB files on which I was working was not found. Is there any possibility of recovering lost MDB files from my system”?

Off course yes, with the help of reliable recovery tool like Remo Recover you can recover lost MDB files in few simple steps. These days, it has become very common to lose MDB files due to unpredicted scenarios. So, it is better to maintain updated backup of vital MDB files. However, most of them forget to create backup of files due to their busy schedule.

MDB files are nothing but file format utilized by Microsoft Access database which is designed by Microsoft. They are majorly developed to help users for managing their data appropriately. Usually, MS Access Database store all the data, tables etc. in MDB files. So, losing vital MDB files from you system will be disaster.

However, do not think that lost MDB files cannot be recovered back which is wrong assumption. Whenever files are missing from system, they are not deleted permanently. Only pointer of that file will be deleted but data will be available in memory space of system until it is overwritten. This is because, if new data occupies the space of lost MDB files, then it will become impossible to restore files back. In order to avoid such circumstances, do not use the drive where MDB files are available until recovery process is performed.  As discussed above, tool like Remo Recover is capable of recovering such lost MDB files effortlessly.

Here are few other reasons for losing MDB files

  • Improper Data Transfer process – While transferring data from your system to other devices or vice versa, if process is interrupted due to sudden system termination, power loss etc. results in loss of MDB files
  • Accidental Deletion – It has turned out to be one of the common reasons faced by many of the users. While deleting older or unwanted files from your system, accidentally selecting vital MDB files leads to loss
  • Unreliable Antivirus Software – Normally, antivirus software is utilized to scan your computer for avoiding harmful viruses, During this scanning process, if antivirus software comes across any infected MDB files, then it will delete without prior information to users
  • Corrupt Storage Media – If the place where MDB files are stored contains bad sectors, will block the access to data available in it. As a result MDB files present in it will become inaccessible

Apart from above mentioned reasons, we across other reasons like emptying Recycle Bin, deleting MDB files from command prompt, malware infections, application malfunctioning, partition errors and so on. To overcome all this scenarios and to recover missing MDB files, Remo Recover is reliable recovery tool.

Precautionary Measures

  • Maintain multiple copies of important MDB files in any storage device as backup
  • After losing MDB files, do not utilize the drive immediately before recovery process
  • Install good quality antivirus software to prevent harmful viruses
  • While accessing, transferring MDB files prevent unnecessary interruptions

More about Remo Recover

It is one of the reliable, secured recovery tool that can successfully recover lost MDB files within few simple clicks. This software can scan entire drive in few minutes due to its built in powerful scanning algorithms. It is non destructive read only tool which will not modify the original file during scanning process instead utilizes separate file for saving extracted data.

  • Save Recovery Session will prevent rescanning of drive more than once during scanning process, hence time can be saved
  • Supports all the latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating system
  • Demo version can be downloaded to check the efficiency of tool in advance prior purchasing it
  • 24*7 technical team will be available to resolve any kind of problems that might arise during installation or recovery process

Recovering Files from Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin in a Windows based system is quite necessary as it helps you save your day on many occasions. It helps you to undelete files that you previously deleted or the contents that were accidentally erased from your computer. To know what exactly a Recycle Bin is and why is it so necessary on all computers, go through the below mentioned examples and scenarios.

In Windows computers, there can be various situations in which a normal user tends to accidentally remove or erase files that were not supposed to be deleted. Few such cases of unintentional file deletion are mentioned below.

Examples of unintentional file deletion on Windows systems:

  • While trying to alter the location of a file or while performing any other action on your computer, you may accidentally click on Delete button. Similarly in situations where you are in a hurry, you may mistakenly remove a wrong file. This will cause that file / folder to get deleted
  • You want to remove unwanted files from your computer’s hard drive so you begin to select all junk items one by one. Mistakenly an important file too is being selected in that list and without realizing that you click on the Delete button. Now that important content too is gone along with all unwanted files and folders
  • If there are too many unwanted files and folder that you want to delete or if you want to erase all contents from a folder / drive, you will simply make use of the option Control + A, or make use of mouse in order to select all items from that location. There could be one or two important files as well in that list and without realizing it you may hit the Delete button
  • Sometimes files can get accidentally deleted without your information or third party tools too can cause data deletions on your computer

Recycle Bin – Purpose and functionality:

Imagine if you experience any of the above mentioned or similar situations while accessing your computer, how dreadful it would be if there was no Recycle Bin to store all deleted contents.

Once a file or a number of files / folders are deleted under a general delete action on a Windows based PC or laptop, the erased content is moved to a folder called Recycle Bin. It is a feature built in all Windows based systems that automatically stores all temporarily deleted items in certain regulations. This feature allows a user to easily undelete the erased contents in case of any accidental erasure or in case you just change your mind. It is a simple and you can say, a life saving feature in some occasions that enables you to get back all important files that are erased from your computer.

You can find this feature on all computers based on Windows 95, 98, Windows NT, ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and all later Windows OS versions. Similar to this, Apple has also made use of a feature called Trash on all Mac OS X versions that is used for saving all temporarily deleted items.

You can easily undelete files from Recycle Bin:

All you have to do in order to undelete any file / folder from Recycle Bin is follow these simple steps on any version of Windows based computer:

  • Double click to open Recycle Bin
  • Select the file / folders that you wish to recover. You can as well select multiple files / folders at a time
  • Right click on the selected contents and click on Restore option. All the files and folder are stored to their respective locations as they were prior to deletion

Deleted contents just bypass the Recycle Bin:

However there are certain occasions where the deleted contents get permanently removed from a computer without being moved to Recycle Bin on your Windows computer so that you will are able to retrieve them. Few of them are listed below:

  • When the deleted content’s storage size is larger than the space allotted for Recycle Bin, the operating system directly removes it permanently from that drive without moving it to Recycle Bin. However, the permanent delete action if prompted before it is executed
  • Shift + Delete command in Windows is a keyboard shortcut for deleted items permanently. If you use this option on any data, it simply bypasses the Recycle Bin
  • Deleting files from an external media storage device such as a pen drive via a Windows computer will not move that content to Recycle Bin
  • When the Recycle Bin is already full and there is no space to accommodate any new data which is erased, it automatically deletes the content that was added to Recycle Bin the earliest to make space for newly erased contents

In all these or similar cases, you will not be able to retrieve those contents without the help of an external recovery utility such as Remo Recover.

Steps to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin using Remo Recover:

In all above mentioned scenarios, you will not be able to restore files from Recycle Bin that are deleted from your computer. But it does not mean that data cannot be recovered at all as you can still recover it with the help of a data recovery utility called Remo Recover. It is a powerful tool to reliably undelete files from Recycle Bin with ease. Follow the link for more info.

Deleted Data from External Hard Disk Recovery

Individuals who make use of electronic devices like computers, laptops frequently for both personal and official related tasks will know the importance of external hard drive. As the name indicates, they are portable storage devices utilized for storing, transferring and maintaining backup of vital data. By connecting them using USB cables to any system, one can easily exchange files from one system to another as they reside outside the system and handy in nature. These drives are preferred by most of the IT sectors, business organizations etc. as they provide similar features like internal hard drive and also be partitioned for saving different file formats.

Apart from its benefits, users of external hard drive are facing deletion scenarios due to many unpredicted scenarios. Here is an example that explains how data gets deleted from external hard drive. To perform any kind of operations on external hard drive, it should be attached to computer using USB cables. As it is mainly used for sending and retrieving files, while transferring or receiving files you might unknowingly click on delete option instead of send to or copy. Hence, files get deleted from external hard drive by the time we recognize that wrong option is selected.

When you accidentally/intentionally delete data from external hard drive will bypass Recycle Bin or Trash. Due to this reason, most of them assume that files deleted from external hard drive are erased permanently which is not true. The files deleted from external drive are not deleted permanently because they will be present in memory space external hard drive unless and until they are overwritten. One of the convenient way for recovering deleted files from external hard disk is by utilizing reliable recovery tool. If the space occupied by deleted files is not overwritten by new data, then using Remo Recover software deleted data recovery from external hard drive can be performed efficiently.

Remo Recover (Windows/Mac)

It is one of the best recovery tool that can be used to restore deleted files from external hard drive on both Windows and Mac operating system. This software is designed with advanced scanning algorithms due to which entire drive will be scanned in few minutes for quick recovery of files. During scanning process, this software will not modify any original data instead extracts them and store in separate file. Completely free from malware infections, as it is embedded with advanced antivirus software.

Why this software?

  • Recovers files from external hard drive containing increased number of bad sectors, crashed, uninitialized, corrupted, infected, formatted, reformatted in few simple steps
  • It is also capable of recovering files that are deleted by combination of shif + delete command
  • This software can sort the restored files based on their name, size and files, hence required files can be located easily from huge list of data
  • With the help of Save Recovery Session, files can be saved as well time can be saved as it prevents rescanning of drive more than once during scanning process
  • After the completion of scanning process, recovered data can be view in two ways i.e. File Type View or Data View
  • Supports data recovery from various external hard drive like Western Digital My Book, Seagate Agent Go Mac etc.

Useful Tips

  • Do not abruptly remove external hard drive during file sharing process
  • Utilize updated antivirus software for scanning external drive
  • Avoid connecting them to infected devices
  • While transferring files from external hard drive prevent unnecessary interruptions

Other scenarios for loss/deletion of data from external hard drive

  • Improper Ejection – When external hard drive is connected to computer for file sharing process, if it is ejected suddenly in between the process or without using safe removal hardware option leads to data loss
  • Unintentional Formatting – Accidentally formatting external hard drive when attached to computer for transferring files will erase complete data available in it
  • Accidental Deletion – While deleting some of the unwanted files from external hard drive, you might use shift + delete keys due to which they bypass Recycle Bin or Trash
  • Virus Attack – When external hard drives are connected to infected devices or using it on multiple devices without scanning regularly using antivirus software is another reason for data loss/deletion

Effective Procedure to Undelete Documents

In every computer, Microsoft Office is one of the best software that consists of various applications which are very useful for all kinds of users like in business, educational institutes, home etc. Sometimes, due to its user friendly features, while accessing Word documents we might end up in accidental deletion. Here is one such example:

We take help of Word document in our daily life very frequently to create reports, notes and many more. Usually, we maintain different folders containing multiple documents for accessing data easily by giving unique file name. When files gets older or if you think it is not required from that particular folder you delete them. In such cases, due to carelessness or in urgency you might select important document instead of undesired one and click delete option. Such scenarios take place every now and then due to which deletion of documents has become very common. Even after which many will be relaxed thinking that deleted documents will be stored in their Recycle Bin. If documents are deleted utilizing shift + delete commands then they will not get saved in Recycle Bin.

Now comes the serious part, whenever files are deleted accidentally/intentionally from your system do not conclude that it is permanently deleted. Be patient!!! The deleted data will be present in some memory of your system until it is not overwritten i.e. until new data is stored in memory space of that particular deleted document. Remember, you have manual method to restore lost or unsaved documents but for recovering deleted files there is need to opt for best file recovery software. If you are in search of such utilities, then go for Remo Recover which is ideal software to restore deleted documents on both Windows and Mac operating systems in ease.

Useful Information to avoid deletion of files

  • Before deleting documents from your system, make sure that they are not required in future
  • Do not utilize shift+ delete command fro deletion process because files bypasses Recycle Bin
  • Recycle Bin should be checked twice before emptying it completely
  • To be in safer side have a backup of vital documents in any backup devices
  • Do not utilize your system before performing recovery process

Common reasons responsible for deletion of documents:

  • Unauthorized Antivirus Software – Normally, antivirus software is utilized to scan system so that viruses will not get transferred easily. During that scanning process, if antivirus software come across any infected document on your system it will delete without prior information to users
  • Emptying Recycle Bin/Trash – Many a times, when there is no space in hard drive we delete files thing that it will be available in Recycle Bin/Trash. While restoring it, you might click on delete option instead of restore due to which permanent deletion takes place
  • Malware Infection – Macro virus is special type of virus that infects Word documents. These infections have the capability to delete, modify document or entire file structure

Remo Recover Software to retrieve deleted files…..

It is capable for recovering deleted data that bypasses Recycle Bin within few simple steps. This software is non damaging read only tool that will not alter original content during scanning process rather saved in different file which is specified. It is planned with simple GU interface that helps non technical, new users for easy installation of tool. It is designed with well equipped built in scanning algorithms for scanning the complete drive in few minutes to recover deleted files as soon as possible. Only required files can be restored by making necessary settings or after recovery process files can be viewed in two ways i.e. Data View or File Type View. Demo version can be downloaded by users to check the efficiency of software prior purchasing it.

Other significant features of Software

Finds and recovers all types of doc, docx files based on their unique signature using search signature. It can get back deleted documents from formatted, reformatted partitions or even after Operating system reinstallation. Supports different file systems like NTFS, NTFS5, FAT16, ExFAT, FAT 32 to perform recovery of deleted documents. Only required files can be located from huge list of recovered data with the help of feature called Find. Save Recovery Session does dual work i.e. saves the files as well as prevents rescanning of drive during scanning process. Hence, time can be saved. Using an option called Preview, recovered files can be viewed before saving them on particular location. Supports USB drives, FireWire drives, iPods etc. to retrieve deleted documents effectively.

Recycle Bin File Recovery

Recycle Bin is a folder which  stores all deleted files and folders , temporarily on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, and all other later versions of MS Windows.  In Windows system hard drive if you delete any files or folders, they move to Recycle Bin folder for temporarily but not vanish permanently from hard drive memory.  However, Recycle Bin folder allows you to recover files that have been deleted using delete button.  After restoring files can be located in the same place from where they have deleted. Suppose if you have emptied the Recycle Bin accidentally or intentionally, after deleting files in Windows then you cannot easily restore them. Because, process of emptying the Recycle Bin deletes all files from hard drive and frees that memory location.

Suppose if you have encountered files loss scenarios after emptying Recycle Bin and lost more number of files that were been stored in it, no need to worry; since files can be easily recovered from emptied Recycle Bin with the use of superb and excellent data recovery application like Remo Recover. It has all capable to recover all types of files from emptied Recycle Bin on Windows system in few simple steps. File types such as audio, video, documents, pictures, and other various file formats can be recovered using this application.

Remo Recover application also comes handy in recovering files from various file loss scenarios, they are

  • Accidentally deleted: Sometimes user may delete files while viewing, organizing or sorting them in Windows hard drive, those deleted files can be easily recovered by use of this application.
  • Formatted hard drive: Sometimes user may go wrong while performing format process i.e. he/she may chose the essential partition instead of unwanted one to format and end up with huge data loss. This kind of data loss can be solved with the use of this application.
  • Shift +delete action: User use shift+delete button to remove any files from folder or partition permanently and make some free space to store other files. However, if you delete very essential file using shift+delete button accidentally, then make use of this application to recover them easily.
  • Interruption: Files that are lost due to after interrupting file transferring process by ejecting connected drive abruptly or switching off power button, those files can also be recovered in few minutes.
  • File system error: Windows system  can easily be attacked by virus and malware threats after browsing infected sites, sharing infected data, etc. This severely attacks file system and leads to loss of data.

Apart from above mentioned file loss scenarios, you can make use of Remo Recover application to recover files even after hard drive failure, inaccessible, formation of hard drive bad sectors , registry file errors,  virus attacks, etc. IN addition, it recovers files that are lost due to overflow of Recycle Bin storage in Windows, in few simple steps. . Hence, it is the best data recovery application for recovering files from emptied Recycle Bin in Windows system.

Other advantages of using Remo Recover application

  • Safe, secure and easy to use
  • Keeps your files undamaged
  • Supports files recovery from other various storage devices
  • Supports Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 etc
  • Provides free tech support via email and live chat applications
  • Supports NTFS, NTFS5, FAT32, ExFAT, HFSX, HFS+ file system
  • Recovers files from Mac system

Caution: Do not install the application on your Windows system from where you have deleted files, because there might be chances of losing files permanently due to files overwritten process. Please make sure the path before installing the application.

Steps to restore files after emptying Recycle Bin in Windows

  • Initially you have to download demo version of Remo Recover software and install on your Windows system by following instruction are given in each screen shots
  • Next launch the application by clicking icon created on desktop and main screen appears with three major options
  • You choose Recover Files option and next click on Recover Deleted Files option to recover emptied recycle bin files
  • Next allow application to scan your system hard drive, which scan s very thoroughly and locates all available drives in it
  • You choose the specific drive from where you would like to recover files and click Next
  • Now application starts scanning that drive and locates all recoverable files and folders from it
  • Displays them in File Type View and Data View format before performing actual data restoration
  • From that list, choose file type which you wish to recover specifically else ignore this step to recover all file types and click Next
  • Now application starts recovering files and displays them on screen once this process gets completed
  • You can view all recovered files using Preview option and save them to your disk after activating the application
  • Finally, click on Save Recovery option to avoid rescanning of your hard drive

Note: Demo version of Remo Recover application works similar to licensed version, using which you can test the application’s efficiency before purchasing the product. N addition, it allows you to view recovery results using this you can decide whether product can recover files from emptied Recycle Bin.

Precautionary steps to follow

  • Before emptying Recycle Bin, make sure files stored in it are no more use
  • Backup all essential files to any external storage device
  • Make use of updated antivirus application to keep your system protected from virus threats
  • Update OS files and other application’s files when new versions are released
  • Do not connect virus infected device to system

Unbelievable Solution to Recover Shift Deleted Files Windows 8

Recently I had accidentally deleted some of my vital data rather than unnecessary data by using Shift + Delete key combination. Those files were very important to me and I don’t want to lose them at any cost. So I need any data recovery software to recover Shift deleted files Windows 8. Can anyone guide me how to perform Windows 8 Shift deleted data recovery? Anyone’s valuable help is appreciated a lot.

Data will be removed completely when it is erased using Shift + Delete key combination on Windows 8 machine. The files which you don’t wish to get stored in Recycle bin are erased using “Shift + Delete” key, since it directly bypasses it. This is the shortcut method for removing files completely so that no one can recover those files from Recycle bin. If you feel the importance of deleted files then it is necessary to seek the help of any third party tool to undelete deleted data. Bu how can you perform this task? Do you know how to get back Shift deleted files on Windows 8? If your reply is No, then stop worrying and use Remo Recover Windows tool to retrieve all types of files including PPS, PST, PDF, APK files, video, audio, photos, text documents, games, etc. It retrieves 280 types of files and recognizes them using their matchless signatures.

At times while removing huge amount of unnecessary data you might unintentionally choose few significant files and do “Shift + Delete” operation. This leads to data loss. In such case, this tool will immediately retrieve deleted files. It is strongly suggested by Windows data recovery professionals. It facilitates preview option to view list of recoverable data prior to actual data restoration. It runs by executing in depth scan of the Windows 8 hard disk and pulling out the preferred files with your fingertips. After completion of scanning operation, you can see recovered files in two types i.e. as per file name and extension. In addition, it will help you to restore files emptied from Recycle bin and oversized Recycle bin. “Save Recovery Session” option of this magnificent utility will resume recovery process any time, this assures that there is no need to rescan your Windows 8 HDD to locate deleted data.

It is very user friendly, so all users it to recover files from any storage devices including hard disk, pen drive, external hard disk, iPod, etc. This relevant files recovery software can provides detailed steps on how to recover deleted files in Windows 8 after Shift delete without making any damage to original files. This accurate tool is free from malware, threats and viruses. It is equipped with simple user interface to undelete Shift deleted data from Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Server 2008. It occupies very less drive space on your Windows 8 computer. You can use it to undelete files from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT files on IDE, PATA, ATA and SCSI hard drives. Furthermore, it provides you an option to save the recovered data to any location on your Windows 8 based  machine.

Perfect Utiltiy for LaCie hard drive data recovery

Nowadays many brands of external hard drives of different storage capacity (500 GB to Terabytes) are available in the market. As external hard drives are portable they are widely used by users to store data. LaCie is a brand name of external hard drive developed by LaCie thunderbolt Company. As LaCie hard drive provides very huge memory storage capacity, you can store large number of files in it. However, there are many circumstances wherein you might lose the files from the LaCie hard drive due to some unavoidable situations.

Actually few days back even I had lost my vital files from LaCie hard drive, but I got them all back now. I established my own project oriented training institute in 2012 to provide academic paid projects for technical oriented Under Graduate and Post Graduate students. I collected quite a number of projects including project materials like Exe files, PPTs and project reports and stored them in my LaCie hard. Within a short period of time 150 students enrolled in my institute for their academic project work. One day at home I connected my LaCie hard drive to my PC and started transferring some files from my PC to hard drive. My PC suddenly got shut down in the middle of the data transfer process due to some unknown issues. I restarted my PC to continue data transfer process. But the system was unable to boot. Next day, I just connected the LaCie hard drive to my office PC. Then I clicked on my LaCie hard drive to work on some projects. I was shocked as most of the project files were missing from LaCie hard drive. I got tensed as I had to provide project materials for the students enrolled in my institute. I worried a lot about how to get back all the data lost from my hard drive? I made a phone call to one of my friend and asked for a solution. He suggested me to go for a recover tool to get back the lost data from my drive. I searched over net for the best recovery tool and I felt Remo Recover software is the best tool to recover my data. Then I purchased the tool and got all the lost files.

Major data loss Scenarios from your LaCie hard drive are:-

  1. Improper removal of hard drive from the USB port also leads to major data loss. After the completion of your work choose “Safely remove hardware” option to eject your hard drive safely and securely
  2. Severe virus infection to your hard drive also cause data loss
  3. Accidental deletion of files from your hard drive also leads to loss of files
  4. Accidental formatting of your hard drive without taking backup also leads to major data loss

These are some of the situations for losing your vital files from LaCie hard drives. Did you lose your data from your hard drive due to above mentioned scenarios or due to some other issues? No worries, as Remo Recover software can easily recover data from LaCie hard drive  in few minutes. This tool has the best user friendly features. Some useful Features of this software are:-

  1. It supports both Windows and Mac Operating Systems.
  2. Recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS 5 partitioned hard drive
  3. Provides preview option to view all the lost files
  4. Provides “save recovery session” option so that you no need to scan the drive again to recover your lost files
  5. The tool is designed with special algorithms that helps to recover all your lost files
  6. You can compress the files after recovery to decrease memory consumption

Remo Recover software has been appreciated by many users around worldwide. Just few clicks are enough to get back lost data from LaCie HDD or any other brands. So I suggest everyone to use this tool to get back all the lost files from your LaCie hard drive.

Attributes to Recover Data from Dell Hard Drive

Dell laptop has attractive features like enormous data storage capability, light weight and superior speed. This gadget is mainly used to store personal and official files. For example, imagine a situation that is, you were storing documentation files and unexpectedly you encounter a blue screen on Dell laptop monitor appears and goes blank. Afterwards, you press the power button incessantly but the same blue screen displays even after all efforts and Dell laptop turns off. This sort of occurrence can push you in a state of worry.

The blue screen indicates failure of Dell laptop hard disk. In case you are perfect in handling such problems, you have handled it successfully. Else, the situation goes worst and here you have to take help of professionals. Most of the users believe that their data has gone permanently from Dell laptop but actually they can do Dell hard drive failure data recovery. Users can find many third party tools to do Dell hard drive failure recovery. Remo Recover tool is listed among such tools to Dell hard drive failure data recovery based on file type, name, size, etc. In addition, it will restore data from failed external hard disk, flash drive, Thumb drive, FireWire drive, etc.

Most possible factors lead to failure of Dell hard drive:

Virus attack: Virus attack is the commonly noticeable factor resulting in failure of Dell laptop. As a result of this incidence, file systems of different partitions existing on Dell laptop can lead to hard disk failure.

Sudden crash: Sudden crash of Dell laptop with the appearance of blue screen errors will result in Dell laptop hard drive failure. Thus, it directly affects on whole data, so user lose access to his / her laptop data.

Intrusion during OS re-installation: Any sort of intrusion during OS re-installation process will affect on the data present on Dell laptop HDD. Thus, hard drive fails to do its normal function.

Few more factors like MBR corruption, deletion of imperative laptop files, file system corruption, hard disk crash, bad sectors on hard disk, frequent formatting of Dell hard drive, inappropriate partitioning, etc. result in failure of Dell laptop hard disk.

Whenever you come across any of the above said causes, then immediately employ Remo Recover utility to retrieve all types of files.

Go through few safety measures to avoid data loss:

Keep charging your Dell laptop regularly

Keep updating antivirus tool on your Dell laptop to kill viruses or spyware

Features of this splendid software:

It recovers all file formats like MP3, WAV, RA, MP4, MPG, AVI, MPEG, JPEG, JPG, PSD, PPTX, PPT, etc. from Dell laptop hard drive. It is potential to restore files from dead hard disks of different types including ATA, PATA, IDE and SCSI of well-liked brands HP, Lenovo, Acer, Compaq and Toshiba. It will restore data from all platforms of Mac OS 10.5 X including Leopard, Mountain Lion, Lion, etc. With the assistance of this highly ranked utility, you can do Dell hard drive data recovery using its inbuilt scanning algorithms to scan failed Dell hard drive and lists all recoverable data. You can take hierarchical preview of recovered files and store final result on your Dell laptop.

Excellent Application for Text Recovery

Hi all….today morning I have accidentally deleted text files from my computer and couldn’t recover them as auto-empty Recycle bin was enabled. Those text files contain valuable info and I don’t want to lose them forever. So can anyone guide me about secure recovery of erased text files from my system? Thanks in advance…

Is it similar to your problem? If yes, don’t panic as text files recovery is not difficult for you. Before going to discuss about suitable data recovery tool to recover text files, let us know what text files are. Text files are commonly used file formats on all PC platforms to store valuable info. You can open these .text files using Notepad app. But as time passes, you might forget the significance of files and one day result in deletion of those .text files rather than useless files. The problems with these files are they don’t have distinctive file structure. Hence, it is not easy to recognize the pieces of these files, so which makes them complicated to be recovered. Therefore, you need Remo Recover tool to do text recovery from files systems including NTFS, JHFS, HFSX and FAT.

Let‘s take a look at some causes behind loss of text files:

Virus infection: Viruses enter your computer due to downloading files from insecure websites. Later, viruses start creating shortcut of folders and files and make them inaccessible. Thus, text files get lost.

Antivirus tool scanning: Most of the cases, you prefer to scan your computer using updated antivirus tool for removing viruses. But during this process, there are high chances of deleting text files.

Unplanned formatting: Sometimes, you might accidentally format your drive or storage device containing imperative text files rather than useless disk. This type of situation results in loss of text data.

Other scenarios like interrupted file transfer process, abrupt power failure, intentional deletion, file system corruption, reformatting, etc. ends up with loss of text files.

Remo Recover is considered to be right choice to retrieve lost or deleted .text files. It is combined with latest scanning methodologies which strongly scan the whole hard disk to locate these files on their matchless file signature and extension. It is introduced to recover text file as per size, date of creation, name, etc. It will restore deleted text file of text editors such as word pad and notepad from Windows machines. It does deleted text files recovery from flash cards, FireWire drives, Thumb drives, etc. The superior features of this utility let you to do text files recovery quickly.

The inbuilt “Find Tool” option will recognize various file types after recovery. All recovered text files can be viewed in two modes “Data View “and “File-Type“ view. This in turn saves the files with the same names. It is free from virus and malware and provides full data security. The free trial edition of this superb software will help you to verify its recovery mechanism. Once you done with trial edition, you are able to purchase licensed key.

Safety measures:

Install good and updated antivirus tool on your computer to protect text files saved on hard disk

Don’t erase any file from your computer if you are unaware about the significance of the file

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