Like other versions of Windows operating system, even in Windows 10 system can get affected by some factors which in turn may reduce system performance. Though, Windows 10 system is stable operating system, its speed may decrease due to following factors. Here, you will get to know how you can boot your Windows 10 speed… Read Article →

For the first time Google has gone solo in terms of building gadget entirely by their own. The new Pixel C marks a very big step for the technology giant. Google was not observing constant degree of success in its hardware for quite a while, but now Pixel C is a big deal in a… Read Article →

MS Outlook is used for both business and personal use where you can send / receive messages, access contact details; maintain tasks, calendar events, organize meetings and many more. As an Outlook user, you may come across situations where your Outlook stops responding suddenly and displays error messages. Some of the Outlook error messages which… Read Article →

RAID configurations are a way to combine hard disks or SSDs for better performance or for safety measures. There are different RAID levels like RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 3, RAID  4 RAID 5, RAID 6, RAID 10, etc. However, RAID array with level 5 is the most popular because of its high performance. Though… Read Article →

Corrupted file is the one which can’t be opened with the program where they were created. You might have come across corruption of various files like Word, PowerPoint, PST, ZIP, RAR, MOV, etc., while using them. Whenever you experience these kind of issues, you might be worried about your files. But now, no need to… Read Article →

Have you lost all the iPhoto which have been spanning for long years in your MacBook? Planning to retrieve them using some reliable tools? Voila! You have landed on a right page then. Capturing iPhoto with Apple devices and storing them in the MacBook library is an easy process, but you may face some deletion… Read Article →

Have you ever got an error message while opening your Outlook account stating, “Errors have been detected in the file (Location of file). Quit all mail enabled applications and use Inbox Repair Tool to fix the issue.”? Then, this indicate that your PST file size have exceeded its size limit which in turn corrupts PST… Read Article →

Lost all your files from Samsung laptop hard drive suddenly? Need help to restore it back? You have landed on a right page then. This article explains you about how to recover back your hard drive data from Samsung laptops. Your Samsung hard drive may contain partitions and in each partitions you might have stored… Read Article →

Due to great impact of electronic devices, trusting computer more than anything for maintaining important files, managing personal and professional data is very common. Since, hard drive is the default storage device for computer all the data gets stored on it. But what happens if the hard drive crashes? The vital data saved on it… Read Article →

Today we come across more than 10,000 cloud services. But, you might prefer to have some cloud services that are officially sanctioned as some are prohibited. Even though some cloud services are at risk, most of the IT departments do not block the employees from using these services. Here are few cloud services that pose… Read Article →

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